Nadav Pessach

I'm a Producer and Content Creator based in NYC, also i'm the co founder and creator of

“There is a canal”  YouTube channel (8 Million Views). Some of our Battlefield videos went viral on Youtube that led us to collaborate with US brands :  EA, Machinima, Studio71, eko. 

I’ve worked for more than 15 years as a Technical director & Light Designer for worldwide  events and artists, made my way into the filmmaking industry in 2011 as a Producer, Sound designer and Cinematographer.


Moved to NY in 2015, since then i've had the opportunity to produce, edit commercials and Director of Photography for :

Keshet, Mako, Pepsi, TruTV, Vitamin Water , Walmart , Eretz Nehedert, Waves Audio, PRS guitars., Wyclef Jean. kan-11, J.views , Splice, and VFX supervise for Will I am.